Up Against The Wall 發跡於台北,這個團體是由兩個具豐富經驗的攝影師所組成的,兩人皆被診斷出有''捕捉完美瞬間癮''症候群。我們喜歡在工作經驗中互動,並利用我們的才能拍出你希望可以代表你自己,你的公司或是你的品牌的照片。



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Taipei based, Up Against the Wall is a team of two experienced photographers with a clinically diagnosed addiction to capturing amazing images. We like to be interactive throughout the whole experience and regularly work our asses off to get the shot that you want to represent you, your company or your brand.

We specialize in editorial portraits and fashion photography.

Contact us for a quote on commissioning our services or to arrange a consultation today.

Please e-mail for inquiries. info@upagainstthewall.asia

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